Going Green With Brooklands Auto Body

Going Green | L & I Eaton ARC Ltd

We are committed to doing our part to help keep our planet clean and green. At Brooklands Auto Body, we have implemented a number of initiatives to ensure we cut our energy usage where possible, such as:

Going Green L & I Eaton ARC Ltd1) Low emission courtesy cars are now being purchased and an initiative has been put in place to replace all of our existing courtesy cars with low emission alternatives. By the end of 2017, we aim to have 95% of our 250 fleet going green.


2) We use the latest European compliant paint system to ensure we reduce VOC emissions into the atmosphere.


3) Carbon Footprint Offset – our recovery trucks are never going to be emission free, but that doesn’t stop us there. We have implemented an electronic customer feedback system to replace our old paper-based system. This cuts out extensive use of  paper, ink and transport. Although these aren’t directly related, we believe the carbon offsite to be worthwhile.


Satisfaction Survey | L & I Eaton ARC Ltd Going Green L & I Eaton ARC Ltd

4) Video Conferencing – we have rapidly expanded our operation over the last 5 years, and we now operate from 12 different locations across Scotland, Northern and Central England. In order to improve communication and reduce travel, we have implemented video conferencing for our monthly management meetings and staff training requirements.


Going Green L & I Eaton ARC Ltd Going Green L & I Eaton ARC Ltd