July 15, 2015 by Brooklands Auto Body
Brooklands Auto Body - Manchester branch receives BSI accreditation

Brooklands Auto Body are proud to announce that our Manchester branch has gained BSI 10125 Accreditation.  This British Standard is specifically designed for body-shops and the vehicle repair industry and covers a wide range of competencies. 

What does BSI 10125 mean for you?  It means that, when you bring your vehicle to us for repair, we can prove that:

Our repairs staff are properly trained and competent

We follow correct repair methods

Our tools and equipment are suitable and maintained

We follow quality control repair procedures

Our repair process is based on continual improvement

We tell customers if safety-critical work is affected by faulty equipment

We can provide evidence from parts suppliers confirming acceptability of parts

We have an audit trail for sub-contractors

We have a customer focus around complaints procedures.


In other words, BSI 10125 gives you the peace of mind that your car will be properly repaired, with quality parts, by competent people, and that Brooklands Auto Body will look after both you and your vehicle properly and professionally.